Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brown is the new Blonde

Ok, so I absolutely LOVE winter months!  I love being snuggly in sweaters, hats, mittens and tall boots.  As most people in my life know, I tend to stick to dark colors in my clothing choices throughout the BLACK everything.  During the winter I really like wearing a lot of browns, creams, teals, greys...I know, not too adventurous for the average person but it's a big change for me. :)
I also love, love, LOVE changing my hair color.  My blonde highlights always start looking kind of dingy during the winter...maybe because they are receiving less sunlight...I'm not really sure.  I use the purple shampoo regularly but it doesn't seem to do a bit of good for me during the winter months.  SO, I like to go a little darker when it gets colder outside.  Wanting to save $$$ as it is so close to the Holidays, I decided to take a leap and buy a hair color in a box from CVS.


I settled on the L'oreal Paris - Feria Multi-facited shimmering hair color in #40 Deeply Brown Espresso.  It was one of the only few boxes that guaranteed that my already highlighted blonde hair would turn brown.  Every other box was only showing examples of how my hair would look with the color on it if I was already a brunette.  That would have been a little too risky for me...

To my complete surprise and delight, my hair looked EXACTLY as the box said it would!  I am so happy and couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.  My hair looks and feels so much healthier too.  I have received so many compliments on my hair, I am definitely going to be using this color again in the future.

So, for all you girls who are thinking about taking the plunge and dramatically changing your hair, I HIGHLY recommend this product line.  Plus, you can't beat $8-$9 A BOX!!!


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